Solid Oak Flooring – Flooring That Enhances The Look Of Your Interiors

Solid oak flooring is a warm and sturdy form of flooring that provides a reliable base to the householders. Apart from providing a warm and cozy feel it is also an attractive interior. The striking appearance matches with the durability of the Solid wood flooring.

The wood is available in thick planks and it expands and contracts with moisture. Hence, it must be adjusted properly, leaving some space to allow for small adjustments in size. It is a beautiful centerpiece to a home made out of completely organic source. Solid oak flooring promises qualities that artificial flooring would struggle to get near to.

Solid oak flooring gives you real wood flooring. It makes a difference to your home interiors. Although you are on a budget it can enable you get the traditional beauty of a wood floor. A part from beauty which comes without saying, there are some other advantages that come along. It is easy to clean, warm to the touch, hygienic and dust free which is very good for people with dust allergy.

Solid oak flooring can be engineered wood flooring. You can enjoy the added stability in this type. These engineered wood boards are layered to give extra strength and it is perfectly suited for under floor heating. The material used for the top layer ranges from 1mm to 6mm in thickness. The thicker is the top layer; the better is the quality of the board.

Solid oak flooring is made of the exotic wood of oak and can be sustainable one. There is as well a wide range of colored oils and finishes available to finish the look of the solid oak flooring. The solid oak flooring is handpicked and provides unsurpassable quality. You can make a real difference by choosing eco-friendly engineered wood flooring that is the choice of the environmentally-aware designers. The oak that is used in the wood making is carefully selected from sustained forests and retains the authenticity.

Solid Oak Flooring.Net provides you solid oak flooring that is sustainable and easy to maintain. Moreover they are very attractive on your interior and enhance the overall look of the apartment. If you have kids at home and you are worried as they can dirty your floor by their all possible mischief and innocence. You are also pleasantly relieved as the solid oak flooring can be easily cleaned and easy to maintain without any extra effort on your part.

Solid and engineered dark oak floors include lacquered and oiled wood flooring. They are 150mm to 340mm wide and 2200mm long. Solid and engineered antique oak floors would provide you wood flooring that creates characters giving the appearance of a floor that has been walked on for 100 years. They display man working with nature at its best.

To conclude solid oak flooring is a floor that is not only a complete finish to your interiors but also bring a sophisticated look to your interiors. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, warm and comfortable solid oak flooring which you can always construct your home with.